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There once was a time when a new home was constructed utilizing materials that were found on or near the site it was being built upon, and was somewhat limited by the level of skilled labor available.  This didn’t leave much room for variation in products or imposing one’s aesthetic on the design. Technology progressed, as it usually tends to do, and new homes at one point could be ordered from a catalog, with the materials being delivered to you by your friendly train conductor.  Although, I’m sure the Amazon business model hadn’t been adopted yet, so shipping was most likely not free. This advancement was one of the milestones that opened the door for varying products, styles and features to enter into the equation.

Fast forward to today… All that the world has to offer in terms of products that can be used to construct one’s home is only limited by how muc

h someone is willing to pay to get it to the job site.  And, new products are either being found or invented all the time. The utilitarian or financial value that any of these products found today adds to one’s home is up for debate, but the personal satisfaction of being able to put your own thumbprint on your home, with products that make you feel proud of and comfortable living in what is most likely the most expensive thing you own, is arguably priceless. So,

with all that is available, why is it that you see the same hardwood floors, faucets, and other components being offered at most new home communities? For anyone that went to college, I imagine that was covered

in freshman economics 101.

But, despite the fact that it may not be the most efficient or cost effective business practice, I have too much pride for what we do to allow Doll Homes to build anything where profit determines all decisions. We are fortunate enough to be one of the few remaining industries that produces a tangible thing, so why would we reduce ourselves to building the same widget using the same products over and over? Afterall, these new homes will be around for generations. Not to mention, giving customers the opportunity to make unique selections sets us apart in the industry, while offering the satisfaction to our customer that they have made their new home truly their own.

So, you want to talk about live edge mantels made from old walnut trees that fell in our area, or sinks carved from stone? Let’s discuss countertops that are made from semi-precious stone, and that light up from an LED panel underneath. You want to put brick on your floor instead of hardwood? Or, let’s talk about hardwood floors that are reclaimed locally and made from   

 old barns or fences.


You are only limited by your imagination, and a few building codes, and we won’t even have to make a trip to the train station.


PS. All the pictures are actual photos of unique products that customers selected to be used their homes. How cool is that?