Obsolescence and Plastic Surgery

Obsolescence and Plastic Surgery

Every once in a while we end up with and old home that resides on a piece of property we intend on building new homes upon.  Generally speaking it makes more sense to resign ourselves to the conclusion that the old home has lived a full and useful life and, like most things on this Earth, its time has finally come.   

Better to make way for a new generation of home that meets the demands of buyers in a new era.  

The quintessential old farmhouse in need of some TLC

After all, that’s what this original home did for the people at that time, or else one could argue that we should all still be living in caves.  However, there are occasionally reasons for keeping and/or giving a new face lift to something that restores it to its former glory or even breathes new life into it (just ask your favorite movie star and their plastic surgeon) ;).  

We are getting ready to launch a project that has just such a home on it.   This is when we get to have a little fun! The opportunity to strip it down to its bones, reshape the interior, and put all the pieces of the puzzle back together with newer and shinier ones, can be such a rewarding challenge.   And, in some cases, it gives me an opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t normally get to experiment with in a new home.

Queue the term “She Shed…”

You may have heard of the term, or have seen pictures of one in commercials or media.   But who ever really gets an opportunity to build one?! (I’m literally rubbing my hands together and smirking as I’m writing this…)  Well, besides being able to enjoy restoring the home pictured above, it also came with an old barn/carriage house! And, while I am sure it did a tremendous job of housing a carriage at one time, we live in an age where we only need to plug our transportation in rather than feed it hay to ensure we can get to work the next day.  So, it would seem that our little barn is in desperate need of a new title and purpose!

So, because this post has already grown too long, I plan to spend the next few posts sharing the transition of the remodel of the old home and how I’m going to make our cute little barn

A barn with an identity crisis

Resemble this…

A barn with a purpose! Courtesy of paducahone

Stay tuned and feel free to share your ideas or any “she shed” stories!

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