Raymond Mohler and His Grand Champion

I guess it all started while spending summers with my grandparents at a young age, in a small farm town in Indiana. Summers in Indiana, in addition to being hot and predominantly surrounded by cows, and corn, lots of corn, came with a very big backyard pool, family, and construction.  You see, my grandfather was the town carpenter. I never was sure if this was an official title bestowed on him, but he built the town truck stop, the town bank, and numerous other buildings. And, after all, there wasn’t much room for many other carpenters in a town of about 2,500, so the title seemed fitting.   In addition to belly flops and potlucks with family all summer, I got to spend some time on construction sites, and even was given the opportunity to practice smashing my fingers with a hammer on occasion in an effort to learn how to “toenail” roof trusses.

Thus began my budding love affair with home building, land development and all things construction related.  And, between working my way through college at a restaurant, getting married, having 3 kids, a home, a dog, 4 chickens, and a grossly neglected garden and various other hobbies that I don’t have time for, I find myself on the other side with this one constant. Construction. This month will be my 23rd year with the same home building company that I started with right out of school.   And, as you can imagine, my duties have grown from holding open houses and looking for future home sites. I now am the managing partner at Lawrence Doll Homes. In addition to running a small business with my partner and mentor, Lawrence Doll, my duties range from land acquisition, house design, product selection, financing, land development and, occasionally, where to plant a tree.  

I love what I do.

But, as with most professions, certain aspects are more enjoyable than others.  I design all of the homes we build, truly making them custom homes. The ability to put years of experience into a plan, sometimes starting on a napkin, and seeing it ultimately rise out of the ground is rewarding on a spiritual level.  But, seeing someone move into that home, who appreciates the quality and thought that went into this one-of-a-kind, tangible product, that will be here for a lifetime, is also rewarding beyond any paycheck or accolade.

So this is the foundation for my being here.  And the basis of this blog is to try and show you why I love custom home building so much.  Sometimes it’s pure joy. Sometimes it sucks. But I’m living this life that I’ve built. And I Love it.