Community DOLLars

Lawrence Doll Homes believes that a community is truly the sum of its parts and can only be as good as the people, businesses and organizations that call it home.  That the overall character and success that defines a community relies on those very people to enrich it and, more importantly, support one another. And by choosing to support a local business, community organization, or neighbor, ensures a vibrant, interesting place to live with unique and successful businesses that satisfy the needs of a familiar clientele.  

It became apparent that to do its part in realizing this idea, Lawrence Doll Homes needed to do something beyond creating timeless homes that contribute to the visual character of a community.  It’s because of this that we decided in 2015 to embark on a mission to give back to the communities in which we build and launched an ongoing campaign titled “Community DOLLars.” Through a series of unconventional marketing approaches and partnerships, we hope to do our part not only financially, but by helping to promote local businesses and community activities that encourage lasting local participation.

This year we have partnered with Eye of the Heart, LLC who has helped us focus on our Community DOLLars initiative. We had the honor of working with local businesses and organizations such as Lake Anne Brew House, Weird Brothers Coffee, Nunu’s Thai Dishes, ArtSpace Herndon, and more.  

This month we are also participating in local Herndon music and arts festival JamBrew, each Friday through September on the Herndon Town Green. Stop by and visit us or follow us on FaceBook and Instagram to find out where we will be next!

It was a hot day, but we were ready!  With the Anita’s Frozen Cotton Candy truck at the ready, we gathered at 751 Quincy Street in downtown Herndon, VA to celebrate the coming of our newest project Station House.  The community had the chance to get a first look at our newly designed Summerston and Sutton models, learn about the Station House project, and take advantage of some great Grand Opening specials.

Station House Launch Party June 2018

There was a local DJ helping us to ‘beat’ the heat, so to speak.  We also had an array of gift baskets from surrounding local businesses up to raffle for anyone who stopped by.  We had baskets from great shops like Weird Brothers Coffee, Elden Street Tea Shop, Meg Donnelly, LMT, Ch’i Body Works, Crooked Run Brewery, Senor Ramon’s Tacos, and even some cash prizes!  Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern provided a delicious chili bar for us to enjoy under the tent.

It was a fun afternoon of learning about the new homes, customization options, speaking to the real estate agent, and touring the property.  We were delighted to have community members, current DOLL Home owners, and perspective buys all come out to celebrate the day with us.  Building in communities like Herndon is what makes it all worthwhile.  We are excited for our newest project and can’t wait for all the people we will be fortunate enough to meet along the way.

Welcome to DOLL Homes

BUILD – I design and BUILD houses for a living

LIVE – Homes made for people to LIVE in and not just serve as a roof over their head

LOVE – I LOVE what I do

We all are individually tasked with constructing the life we live and we all hope that what we construct is a life we love living. This task of constructing, however, is ongoing as long as we are still breathing. Like the home building process, sometimes things go wrong or don’t quite turn out how we anticipated. It is in that space that we learn to adapt and change and ultimately find both growth and strength. The strength of a home is in its foundation, the same is true for each of us here in Northern Virginia and around the world.

Although the primary focus of BUILDLIVELOVE is that of providing a glimpse of the world of constructing homes through the lens of a home builder, I guess this really could serve as a metaphor for life in general. We are constantly improving, experimenting, changing, redoing, all in the hopes of being able to look back one day with pride at what we’ve created. When we finally list a new home for sale that we’ve built, it most likely looks different than the initial drawings. Like life, we either decided to or were forced to make some changes along the way. It may have a different marble countertop, a larger shower, or hardwood floors, slightly different dimensions on the loft, or a guest bathroom where it was not initially planned. But, in the end, and also like life, those changes are what makes each house unique.

Now, that’s not to say the job of a custom home builder is all work and no play. On the contrary, most home builders I know work hard and play hard. So, from time to time, BUILDLIVELOVE might offer a glimpse of that too. For the most part, however, my goal here is to entertain you with tales of homes, design, construction trends, dirt, anything wood, and even heavy equipment. In the process, I hope to help feed your soul and possibly even provide inspiration for what you are currently constructing in your own life.

– Will